After 12 years of silence, Pagan Reign will be born Once Again on Winter Solstice 2018. «Once Again» is the title of the 5th studio album which contains 12 lively, solid and technical compositions written in their unique style full of magic ancient melodies and visions of infinity. The main idea behind the album is revival of the band and the endless will to perfection. The album is musically smooth and does not sound unexpectedly but at the same time it's a step forward and not aside from the main creative path of their previous works. Powerful clear chords, shrilly screams, deep growls and virtuoso melodies are carring the listener into infinity while making the time stand still. Once Again is a monumental masterpiece opening the gates of the Universe, merging the past, the present and the future. In addition to the standard for metal and rock music instruments and keyboard arrangements, the acoustic and wind Russian folk instruments as well as the more familiar instruments of medieval Europe are widely represented. But this time everything sounded like a streamlined, lively orchestral organism.